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repositionable whiteboard + marker


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Premium Whiteboard image
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the instant whiteboard solution!

What makes Premium WriteyBoards so Premium? They have a restickable, durable adhesive backing and flexible foam core. The foam core gives you a perfectly smooth writing surface on almost any wall, anywhere! It’s where collaboration meets mobility.


Premium is available in glossy white and glossy black finishes. If you choose to turn to the dark side with a black Premium, be sure to get Neon liquid chalk markers before you checkout.

  • Applies instantly!
  • Crease and fold resistant.
  • Doesn’t conform to wall textures.
  • Remove without residue or damage.

get mobile

Premium is the only whiteboard that can be stuck to a surface, removed and taken with you to another location!

get thinking

With the flexibility of a foam core and restickable adhesive, you can have an essential dry erase surface in places never before possible.

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