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HELP/MFAQ: What will be done to correct the problem?

Writey Co. will examine the product and decide if it’s covered under this limited warranty. Writey Co. will then, at its choice, either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or a comparable product. In these cases, Writey Co. will be responsible for the costs of repairs, spare parts, labor and travel for repair staff that Writey Co. incurs, provided that the product is accessible for repair without Writey Co. incurring additional expenditure to gain access. This will not apply in cases where repair work has not been authorized by Writey Co.. Any defective parts removed in the course of repair works will become the property of Writey Co.. If the item is no longer sold by Writey Co., Writey Co. will provide an appropriate replacement. Writey Co. will decide at its discretion, what will constitute an appropriate replacement.