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Budget-Conscious Tips for Organizing Your Work Space

organizing work space

Improving Your Productivity 

Whether you work in an office or at home, your productivity levels can sometimes revolve around how organized you are. You don't want to be constantly sorting through messy papers in order to find a single file. Nor do you want to risk losing any important notes or information. However, many workers don't have the kind of budget that heavy-duty organization requires. Instead of breaking your budget to improve the organization of your workspace, you should consider these budget-friendly tips. 

Using Dry Erase 

Sticky notes, while useful, can be a bother if you end up having a lot of them. One easy way to take notes in an organized way is to invest in a peel and stick dry erase board. This can be easily attached to the wall of your cubicle or work area without sacrificing on desk space. Any notes that you need to make can be quickly jotted down on the board with a dry erase marker. As you utilize the notes, you can then easily erase the note itself on the board. 

You can also benefit from a calendar whiteboard. For those who have normal print calendars, you've likely found that they can sometimes be a mess. People and appointments and meetings are canceled, and you have to either scribble them out or erase them on the calendar. A whiteboard calendar allows you to add, edit, and remove appointments with ease. Not only does this improve your organization but it makes it a lot easier to keep track of important dates. 


Another often overlooked office supply that you can benefit from is a three-ring binder. These guys are pretty cheap--especially during school sales--so you can buy quite a few. Page protectors can be easily placed within the binders to better organize your paperwork while keeping them protected. You can title each binder based on the information inside for quick reference. These binders can then be placed either in your drawer, filing cabinet, or can even easily be taken home. 

Wall Rack 

In terms of unique office supplies, you may also want to consider procuring a wall rack that can be easily tacked on to the wall of your cubicle or work area. It's best to go for a rack that has a lot of shelves or pockets depending on the kind of rack you choose. With more storage capabilities, you can utilize them a lot more. For those with pockets, for example, you can easily fill those pockets with loose items that might otherwise be cluttering your desk. Paper clips, a stapler, pens, and pencils, basically anything loose that you don't need all of the time can be stored there. When you have need of them, all you need to do is reach for the pocket that contains the item that you need. 


Instead of having notes plastered all over your area, you might want to consider investing in a planner. You can jot down important tasks that you need to complete, meetings that you need to attend, and other important details all in one place. This helps to organize your mind most of all. It's a good way to reduce stress levels because you no longer have a bunch of different tasks and dates that you need to remember. 

Besides print planners, there are also digital planners that you can utilize. Some can even be found on your smartphone. Your digital planner can update you and keep you on track when you may be goofing around too much. Whichever method works best for you, a planner can keep your mind and your desk organized. 


One often overlooked and simple method for organizing your workspace is to use a divider. All you really need is two trays; one for the paperwork and tasks that you've completed, and another for new tasks and paperwork that you need to complete. This helps reduce the amount of paper that's on your desk. It can also better equip you to make effective plans for your planner in regards to planning out the tasks that need to be completed before the end of the week. 

Organization The Easy Way 

You may be struggling with a disorganized work space that is impossible to keep clean. Work can be made slower and less efficient when your desk feels cluttered. These five tips can help you improve your organization--and thus your productivity--without requiring you to go way over budget.