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At What Height Should a Dry Erase Board Be Placed?

person holding whiteboard choosing the hight to place it

Whiteboards have been around for several years. They have mostly replaced blackboards for making notes and placing information on a public forum. Most businesses today use them in conferences and meetings. They are also used in homes for many different reasons. They come in all shapes and sizes and are easy to find in any department store or online. There are even designs that are made just for children to use. If you are wanting to install a whiteboard in your home, business, or classroom, you will want to consider how to properly install it. Here is some information on placing the board at the correct height, and choosing the proper location.

Where to Locate a Board in Your Home 

Many people have used a dry erase board in their home in order to leave notes and record important information. If you have a large whiteboard, you could place it on the wall in a room that is frequented by your family members. The board should be placed at eye level so that it is able to be seen by anyone passing it by. It should be easily reached by anyone who might want to add something to it. If you are purchasing a smaller board, most people will place this on their refrigerator which is a central location. Children find the boards useful in their bedrooms for doing homework or researching projects. These can be placed at an appropriate height on the wall.


The Proper Height for a Board


The proper height for a whiteboard depends on several different factors. You will want to take the size of the board, the height of the ceiling, and the use of the board into account as you plan the installation. The standard size for a board is four feet. Assuming the ceiling is at least 8 feet tall, the typical installation height is 34 inches from the floor. However, this may change in a classroom setting. For children, the board will need to be installed just over 2 feet from the ground. Older children can have the board placed between 2 feet 8 inches and 3 feet from the ground. Some boards come with adjustable height if it is needed for a variety of situations.

How to Use These Boards in Your Office 

For many businesses, these boards come in handy for holding meetings where they need to share information with a group of people. They can place the information they wish to convey on the board and once it has been discussed, it is easily wiped down and new information can be added. In the past, businesses would use large easels with pads of paper on them which could be laborious. The pads used individual papers that needed to be prepared beforehand, and then the papers would need to be discarded once they had been discussed. A white board eliminates the need for prior preparation and reduces the amount of trash that is produced at a meeting.

How to Select the Right Board 

If you are planning on installing a board on a wall in your home or office, you should first measure the area. This will give you an idea of how large or small a board you need to buy. If you search the internet, you will find that these boards come in many different sizes, and choosing one that fits into the space is essential. Many of them will also come with the special markers that you need to use on the board so that they erase properly. You could also purchase a special eraser that is used on the boards. Once you have determined the size of the piece you want to buy, check to see if it will need to be hung with special mounting tools. A large board should be hung so that the mounting screws go into a stud inside the wall. You may need to use special anchors, but this will prevent it from falling. Smaller boards can be hung almost anywhere. If you are buying one to place on your appliances, you should make sure that it includes a magnet on the back. 

When they were first introduced years ago, many people felt that they were not going to be as popular as they are. They believed that using the old-fashioned methods of note taking were the only way to go and these new boards were just a fad. However, they have proved to be not only popular but have basically replaced all the old-fashioned tools. It is much more convenient to leave a note on these boards than to search for a pen and paper to leave one and hope that it does not fall from where you place it. They are the perfect choice for your business or classroom, but you should take care to find the right location, and install it properly at the correct height so that it can be easily used by everyone.