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6 surfaces to transform into a whiteboard

You've seen Pinterest pages showing you all the creative things you can do with a chalkboard, but what about a whiteboard? This creative tool can be used in just as many ways, except there's less mess to deal with at the end of the day. Dry erase markers don't leave behind a dusty residue for you to clean up, but instead are easily cleared with the swipe of an eraser. Here are a few original surfaces in your home you can transform with the use of dry erase products:

1. Walls
People are used to seeing a rectangular whiteboard stuck to the wall, so switch it up by using paint instead. Whiteboard paint will let you turn the whole wall into an innovative dry erase surface. Test out this project in a variety of rooms around the house. Kids will love it because they'll finally be allowed to draw on their walls, and it's also a great brainstorming tool for the office.

2. Desk
Home offices are great places to work, but taking notes with a normal pen and paper can become repetitive. Break away from this traditional mode of writing by covering the surface of your desk with a re-stickable whiteboard. Leave a space to the side of your computer for jotting down notes and to-do lists. Being able to write directly on your desk is useful, because you won't have to worry about misplacing a sheet of paper.

3. Refrigerator
Cover the top half of the fridge with a stick on whiteboard. Use this tool for writing funny notes to your family or leaving reminders for certain events. This handy writing space is also useful for recording what grocery items are getting low. Looking at the words each day will remind you when it's time to head to the grocery store.

A woman's hand holding a grocery list with produce in the background. Forget the old pen and paper method of recording a grocery list - add a stick on whiteboard to your fridge to note which items are running low.

4. Cupboards
The cupboards are another kitchen surface that would do well with dry erase materials. You could use black dry erase paint to fill the inside of a cupboard frame. The black would go better with wooden materials, and by painting inside the panels, you're creating a natural frame for the board. Use this space to scribble a friendly cooking-related quote or to remind yourself of common measurement conversions.

5. Game table
If you have a certain surface designated for game play, like a coffee table, add a little section of whiteboard to the surface. This will create a permanent scoreboard so you don't have to scramble for paper the next time you have a get-together with friends.

6. Shelf edge
Labels are a wonderful way to keep pantries and other spaces in the home organized. Dab a little whiteboard paint onto the edge of a shelf to create a natural label surface. The best part about using the paint instead of a regular stick-on label is that you can easily erase the writing if you want to rearrange the space.