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Using a dry erase board during homework time

When you're a parent, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to teach that you can. After long school days, your little one may not be very excited to learn or do homework. This means that sometimes you have to get a little innovative. Here are a couple of ways to learn while having fun with your little one during homework time:

Practice letters
It doesn't mater if your child is two years old or seven, practicing his or her letters is extremely important to learning. Using a dry erase board to do so is extremely helpful. By using dry erase markers, they can easily write and erase. This can save paper because odds are she or he will make quite a few mistakes when learning. By being able to quickly erase something, your little one is able to bounce back quickly from what they did wrong and learn from their mistakes. So this could encourage her or him to continue. In addition, when your child is learning how to write in cursive, the smooth surface of the dry erase board and its markers could be easier to write on than pen and paper.

Addition, subtraction, division
Learning math doesn't come easy to everyone, and as a result, mistakes are bound to happen. Instead of spending valuable time trying to erase markings on a loose-leaf sheet of paper, opt for a dry erase board. It makes it easier for both you and them. With a dry erase board, you don't have to crane your neck to see what they are doing to try and correct them. That way, you can catch their mistakes before habits set in. It will also save you time. With a whiteboard eraser, a quick swipe will erase the entirety of the markings, from a simple addition problem to a extensive long division equation, saving you both more time.

Use a whiteboard to simplify math problems.Use a whiteboard to simplify math problems.

Make lists
If you're working on homework with your kids, it could be difficult for all of you to keep track of what's been done and what has not. Using a dry erase board to write down a to-do list is extremely beneficial. It will keep you organized throughout the schoolwork. In addition, it will make them feel more accomplished when they get to cross something off the list. Be sure to let them pick their favorite color to use when they finish an assignment.

"Buy different colored markers and watch your little one's imagination soar."

Give them free time to doodle
School probably isn't high on their list of fun things to do (or yours, for that matter). Make sure to allow your kids (and you) breaks in between. But don't just allow for any old break of snacks or television. Instead, have them do something creative to keep their brain active. For example, you can have them draw on the dry erase board. You'll love watching your little ones doodle and seeing what they creates. Buy different colored markers and hand them over to watch your kid's imagination soar.

Play games
Once homework time is all said and done, be sure to play a game with your little ones as a reward. A game that works great with a whiteboard is pictionary or hangman. Recruit family members and neighbors to play on different teams. As the players grow, try hanging the dry erase board up on the wall so that all the players can see. You and your kids will get some bonding time and a fun game night - all in one!

Write a word of the day
If you want to take a little initiative for your kids' education, try putting up a word of the day on your dry erase board. Look in the dictionary to find a word they haven't learned yet. Write it out and its definition on the whiteboard. Underneath, use it in a sentence so they can understand how the word works. Have the kids read it out loud each morning during breakfast, and challenge them to use the word in conversation during the day. It's a great way to expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling outside of the classroom!