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4 places to put a whiteboard in your home

Hanging a whiteboard on the wall shouldn't be a right exclusively reserved for elementary school classrooms. You can actually put this useful tool in your own home to help you and your family increase productivity or just have some good, old-fashioned fun. Here are four suggestions for where to hang this helpful tool:

Kid's playroom

"Spelling and arithmetic turn into fun."

Parents are always looking for ways to encourage their children's educational pursuits. Between monitoring the television programs that kids watch and setting aside required reading time every day, parents do what they can to help advance the education of their little ones. It's common for parents of smaller children to create a playroom in their house that includes toys that hold some kind of educational value. Go the extra step by making a wall into something that your children can write on. Try using dry erase paint to turn a wall (or four) into something that your children and their friends can write on. Watch in disbelief as practicing spelling and arithmetic turns into fun simply because your kids are excited to be writing directly on the walls of the house!

Home office, craft room or study
Whether it's your home office or the place your teenagers do most of their studying, the addition of a whiteboard to your workspace could increase productivity at all levels. Say, for instance, your children are in high school and have a group project to complete for physics class. You don't want the kids causing a ruckus in the kitchen while you cook, and you know that squeezing six teenagers into a small bedroom won't be comfortable for anyone. Placing a whiteboard in the office or study room will encourage your children to make that space the usual location to get schoolwork done.

The craft room, on the other hand, should be an area for creativity. Having the ability to scribble down your thoughts can go a long way in the creative process. It doesn't matter if you've set aside your room for sewing, drawing or watercolor painting, having a permanent place to jot down ideas for your own creative output will come in handy more times than you'd think.

Fancy yourself a chef? Try hanging a dry erase board in your kitchen so you have space to jot down the recipes for all of your masterful culinary creations. It can be fun to have a whiteboard in the kitchen to tell everyone what's on the menu for the night, too. If you feel like hosting a dinner party, using a whiteboard to announce the courses may be a fun way for you to feel as though you are the culinary mastermind in your home. Besides that, hanging a board in your kitchen can help you keep a calendar that everyone can see, or assist you in coming up with checklists for each member of your family. Feel free to keep track of chores completed by each member of your family!

Turn your kitchen into a miniature restaurant when you post Turn your kitchen into a miniature restaurant when you post "Chef's Specials" on your whiteboard.

Instead of using your hanging whiteboard for productivity, consider throwing one on a wall in your basement for some more fun options with games of all types. If you're having a group of friends over for a game night. It'll be really easy to play things like team hangman or Pictionary if you have an easy way to write, draw and erase answers from different teams. The whiteboard could serve as a handy scoreboard, too.