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2 simple places to add whiteboards

Whiteboards are excellent tools in education. The ease of writing and erasing without a messy cleanup can go a long way in encouraging your children to spend a little more time on their coursework in a fun manner. There are a number of ways you can indulge your children without taking up too much room in your house, and here are two of the easiest:

"Kids enjoy writing and drawing on whiteboards."

Closet door
Instead of dominating an entire wall with a large whiteboard, try covering a closet door with dry erase paint. You can do it in your kid's room or even on the kitchen pantry. Either way, painting a doorway with dry erase paint will give your kids more than enough space to practice arithmetic or spelling.

Table top
Check out the selection of peel and stick dry erase tools that can make any table top a fun, interactive space for your kids. Consider turning the kitchen table or even a coffee table in the den into a whiteboard surface. You'll be pleasantly surprised when your children and their classmates all want to come over to your home to do homework and work on projects.